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Hire a Runner to get you anything Picked up / Dropped to your location. Hire a Fast Delivery guy to get anything Purchased from your nearby Market and Delivered to your location

Book and Consult any Doctor, Tutor, Lawyer, Teacher, Engineer, Architect, and other Consultants etc directly from the app

Allow Service Providers to place their Bids in Realtime for the task that you post. Select the best person for your task

On-Demand Services

Book On-Demand Services Live or schedule for a later time slot. You can decide to book it at your home, work or can decide to have the service done at the provider’s place. Select the best service provider as per their price, rating and offers

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Now you can request rides near you

Find the most dependable and highest quality taxi services, anytime and anywhere.

Medical Services

Book an Appointment + Video Consult Doctors

Book and Consult any Doctor or other Medical Experts at their clinics or at your home. Book a Video Call with any Doctor or other Medical Experts for LIVE Online Consultation

Other Medical Services

Order Pharmacy, Book an Ambulance for Medical Emergency, Book an Appointment with the Vet for your Pets and Livestock

Track Family & Employees

Know Real Time LIVE locations on the Map. Keep track of Dear Family Member’s LIVE Location for their safety. You can also track your Employees and Staff Members especially field related tasks like Sales, Marketing, Divers etc. Right from our Geo Location Enabled App

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